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Travis Mitzel

Travis Mitzel

Travis Mitzel is a Pittsburgh-based Artist focused on confronting climate catastrophe, dealing with eco-anxiety, and practicing new eco-mythology. Travis is interested in exploring an individual's role in a new epoch marked by mass extinction, climate disaster, and toxic waste. To do so he often partners with non-humans and humans in non-artistic fields creating conceptual, photographic, and mixed-media-based works.


Travis often will cohabit with non-human partners for indefinite time periods creating multiple bodies of work while living in collaboration. His work exists to deal with the overwhelming eco-anxiety that is felt rippling through the zeitgeist and to illuminate interesting non-human experiences, entanglements, or histories. This is often an exploration of the strange and humorous circumstances of existence in the Anthropocene. The work looks for simple ways to move forward, make kin, better the now, and maybe (not looking great) the future too.

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