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Patricia Watts

Patricia Watts

Patricia Watts is the founder of ecoartspace, which recently became a membership platform for artists addressing environmental issues. From 1999 to 2019, ecoartspace operated as a bi-coastal nonprofit in partnership with Amy Lipton.


Watts has curated over thirty art and ecology exhibitions including Performative Ecologies (2020), Contemplating OTHER (2018), Enchantment (2016), FiberSHED (2015), Shifting Baselines (2013), MAKE:CRAFT (2010), and Hybrid Fields (2006). She has interviewed thirty pioneering ecological artists for the ecoartspace archive and has written Action Guides of replicable social practice projects including Eve Mosher's HighWaterLine and Tattfoo Tan's S.O.S. 


Watts has a visionary entrepreneurial approach to curating that supports transdisciplinary and transformative collaborative environments. 

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