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Donovan Zimmerman

Donovan Zimmerman

Donovan Zimmerman is an artist, puppeteer and activist working to shape positive change in the world. He is committed to transformative justice for all people, the Earth and its creatures through the puppetry arts, spectacle pageantry and storytelling. He works to help heal the damage already done while imagining a livable future. He is the co-creator of Paperhand Puppet Intervention in North Carolina where he lives and farms along the Haw River with his family in Saxapahaw. He is deeply grateful for it all.

We Are Here Paperhand Puppet Intervention!

Paperhand exists to celebrate and speak on behalf of the earth. "We Are Here" tells the story of a forest haven with a venerable oak tree at its heart. As the seasons change, squirrels squabble and foxes tango under the oak. In a time of crisis, all the woodland creatures unite to defend their forest home from greedy developers. "We are here!" they cry! Later in the show, a buzzing metropolis is in peril by monsters accidentally created by the ignorance and avarice of modern man. A heartwarming shadow show is the final piece. It reminds us how dependent we are on trees, and what they breathe out, we breathe in.
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