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We want to let the art speak for itself, but first, a little context. We've received over 400 pieces of art representing media from sculpture to paintings, poetry, and video. Each piece documents the environment in a unique way, representing the diverse viewpoints of communities around the world. We feel that the beauty in environmental art is in its ability to share the how we as individuals experience natural spaces and environmental degradation in ways that are both similar and different to each other, no matter our landscapes.


On this page, you can view all of the art together. The works represents the messages and feelings of people around the world, from Israel to the Gold Coast, Australia. You can also click HERE or scroll to the bottom to view over 200 pieces of art made by children from the "Yi Xing" Biodiversity Research Center in Pudong, Shanghai.

We hope you find the art as inspiring as we do!

Children's Artwork

Children's Art
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Established in 2017, the "Yi Xing" Biodiversity Research Center in Pudong, Shanghai, is a private non-enterprise unit supervised by Shanghai Pudong New Area Science, Technology and Economic Committee. Dedicated to biodiversity science communication, research and conservation, it publicizes science, advocates for research and mobilizes volunteers to protect the green environment and biodiversity with concrete actions. Moreover, it pays attention to Marine biodiversity, advocates for and publicizes Marine conservation by means of popular science picture books, popular science brochures, Marine education curriculum development, and beyond.

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